Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Darshana Hearts Ananasa: plastic pills
 One of my true joys in life is buying handmade. It's just such a good feeling knowing that you're spending your money supporting individuals/small businesses as well as knowing that you get to keep the fruits of someone's labor. That's a quality you can't manufacture.

Now, for those of you that haven't heard of it, is an online marketplace where people from all around the world can easily shop handmade from the Middle East!

Sure here in America we'll find Middle Eastern/Arab "inspired" jewelry, clothing, or furniture, but it doesn't compare to the real thing. You are now able to shop directly from the source, and I think that's so amazing. It's also nice to be able to put a face (or faces) to the products that you're buying. I always love when my shopping experiences feel personal, not so robotic.

Now I wanted to spotlight a shop on Ananasa called plastic pills, which is run by designers Roanne and Dina in Beirut!

Their specialty is acrylic (and gold plated acrylic) statement jewelry! I've never heard of gold plated acrylic, but I'm intrigued. For me, plain acrylic jewelry can look kind of childish/cheap at times, but plastic pills necklaces have a certain regality about them. They're fun & cartoony, reminiscent of cut paper, but artfully designed and executed.

these are some of my favorite pieces.
Queen Bee ~ $30.00
perfect necklace to remind everyone who the real woman in charge is!

Roses are Red ~ $30.00 
so beautiful, this reminds me so much of Beauty and the Beast

I'm looking forward to  seeing what else they come up with! Be sure to check out plastic pills here:, and all of the other wonderfully talented artisans and designers over on

Take care ♡!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Born Pretty | Review + Coupon!

Hello little darlings ♥
I hope you're managing to keep warm during this icy winter here in the states. I've basically been snowed in for these past few weeks, but I'm so glad to share some FUN jewelry to share with you! Emphasis on fun!

The lovely people over at Born Pretty were kind enough to send me some of their jewelry to review for you guys! If you haven't heard of them, Born Pretty is an online Jewelry/Accessories shop with really trendy, great quality items at a really affordable price. Best of all it ships worldwide (fo free!), which I think is awesome because I know there are so many people who want to buy cute accessories that you can easily find here in the US, but it's either not available to them overseas or shops won't ship out to them! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Bunny

Hello lovelies ♡
Happy winter! Sorry for the lack of posts here (as usual), I have been fighting off bronchitis this past month and around Christmas-time I lost my job due to a shutdown, so I haven't really been up for much lately. That being said, I feel so much better and in much better spirits these days, especially with the sun shining down on me today. Things are already getting better.

One of the few things style-wise that always makes me feel good is wearing white. That may be considered weird because I feel like wearing white is considered a "fashion faux pas" because it's considered a summer color (it's not a color though hi), but I don't care! 

I feel like fresh white clothes just make you feel fresh and brighten up your skin tone (especially if you are tan or dark skinned, white looks amazing!) I also love hi-low dresses at the moment, because they're cute and give me coverage for my beee-hind. If you have a big butt you always kind of worry about your dress riding up and showing your buns to the world, or maybe that's just me?

Also up until now I've always been a pea coat gal during the winter time, because I feel like I look like a bean when I wear a coat that isn't tailored to my body, but it's been so painfully cold recently that I needed something better.  Like full on parka better. This coat is sooo warm, it has a fleece lining inside and a huge furry hood, the fur part is removable too! It also has drawstrings at the waist if you want a more snug fit.

dress ~ h&m
cardigan and headband ~ forever 21
tights ~ charlotte russe
boots ~ urbanog
coat ~ oasap

see ya next time! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


hello darlings! I missed you guys ♡
I have been loving the weather lately, it's the perfect feeling you think of when you hear the word autumn. I'm so excited for the holidays, I think I will make some holiday gift tutorials on here in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for those! I'm in the process of completely re-doing my room as well as starting a new job, so please bear with me here but please keep sending me lovely suggestions and comments, I always appreciate them :)

I love how mod this yellow/citrine dress is! It kinda reminds me of the 60s Star Trek tv show.
I paired it with some cute mickey mouse head patterned tights, and my favorite ankle boots with gold buckles that I got on clearance at Target! Also kind of in love with this gorgeous floral painted handbag! It has removable straps so you can either carry it like a purse or use it as a backpack! The print is so pretty, it's slightly textured and reminds me of beautiful old oil paintings.

Mickey Mouse tights ~ random boutique in Brooklyn
Boots ~ Target

Also if you haven't already, please check out my online shop: Picture Posy! I'm selling some cute patches, comics and bags!

I'll see you guys soon ♡

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Black Black Black

Hey guys, it's been a while but I'm back!
The end of summer is approaching, and as bummed as everyone is about it, it's bittersweet for me. Less fun in the sun, but autumn is my favorite season (my birthday is in autumn!) and I can't wait. 
I don't know if you know this or not, but I'm obsessed with Halloween, always have. I love the gothic decor and cutesy ghosts and pumpkins, and witches! Anyway you can probably tell anyway from my outfit. This awesome chandelier dress is from Better Stay Together on etsy!

 These suspender leggings are amazing. I just got them from Deb! When I was in middle school, Deb was every girl's place to shop for dresses for the school dances and whatnot, but it never appealed to me or my style. I think they totally stepped their game up in the past few years and have some awesome finds. Their Plus Size section is pretty cute too!

Talk to you guys soon ♡

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tough Girl

Lately I really love pairing really feminine pieces with masculine elements, it helps keep things from looking too formal, and more chill. I got this amazing army vest c/o of Oasap, and it goes so well with everything, I also love that it has waist ties so that it still gives me an hourglass shape. If you're a little too timid about wearing form fitting dresses, I recommend pairing it with an oversized jacket or sweater, it's nice added security and looks cute in comparison to your figure!

 army vest c/o oasap, sunglasses c/o oxford and venison, crop top: f21, nude wedges

also check out my nails! they're sally hansen polish strips I got on sale, they remind me of a taxi cab


Monday, May 6, 2013

Cashier by Day, Illustrator/Artist by Night

hello lovelies ♡! please check out this fun interview I did over at The Jane Dough (which is one of my favorite sites at the moment!). It’s about pursuing your creative passions while holding down a day job (which sucks but you gotta pay the bills somehow, am I right?)

Also check out the rest of the articles in this series, called Day Jobs