Tuesday, December 29, 2009

typography storybook

a mini "story book" for my typography class. I see it as more of an illustrated poem, which I wrote:

micron, colored pencil, sharpie paint pen, and watercolor on brown paper
If I had more time I'd definitely make it better, but I had fun with it, overall.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

casual lolita

(dress: by chocochip cookie, tee and hairbow: f21, shoes: charlotte russe, bear purse: handmade)

(purse close up)

When I first made this purse and brought it to school, everyone was really creeped out because it looked like I skinned a bear and made a bag out of it. Now I love it even more.

Spent much of the day goofing off and in a drowzy daze because I stayed up late. For no reason at all I felt like making this video:

there's something a little abnormal about me.

Friday, July 31, 2009

oh hot damn what a hot day

(dress: from mandee's, then shortened and customized by me, lace shirt: thrifted, sandals: wet seal)

I spent the day with some awesome pallies, I visited my friend Julia Goolia and planned a picnic for monday, a fancy dress or whatever picnic (meaning we can wear a fancy dress, or whatever we want, like my godzilla kigurumin perhaps...).
Then I went to my friend Zach's house and watched Ratatouille with some lovely folk, sat on farting chairs, set spiders aflame (James!), and played Buzz Word, as I failed miserably.

all in the sweltering heat!