Monday, August 9, 2010

black lolita converse

finally made them! they're black converse made with lace, strung with 2 different kinds of glass pearls, ribbon laces, and 3 Swarovski crystals on back of each shoe.

I put them up in the shop pictureposy.etsy.comfor sale, I really enjoy making these so my next venture is to make them in different colors, yay!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

she & him!

so yesterday was an absolute dream come true, I've been in la la land ever since. I went to my first real concert, and what better concert than She & Him at Terminal 5 in NYC! AND I love them so much that I kind of made my date wait with me for 2 hours before the show to get on line, and thanks to loads of patience, persistence, and perspiration, WE WERE FRONT ROW. I held onto that railing with dear life because I wasn't going anywhere.

Zooey was extremely adorable (as expected), and M. Ward was so into the music and insane on the guitar, it was one of the best experiences of my life. The crowd was really great and I was next to some guy who was cheesin' and pinching himself if it was all real like me. I was SO close that I could see a loose thread on the hem of Zooey's dress, and M. Wards sweat! AND YES, ZOOEY IS PLAYING AN ELECTRIC UKELELE.

poor Zooey was trying to work with an out of tune keyboard, but she sang and played flawlessly.

and here's the shirt that I made the night before to show my support!


here's a video I snapped really quickly (security wouldn't let us take pics, but the band was totally fine with it as long as there was no flash! I was bein' all secret squirrel)

life is amazing ♥

Monday, July 5, 2010

flower power

floral romper: f21, floral shoes: wet seal, belt: off another dress

 no hands! Simple outfit for bike riding and possibly making shirts today.

and also, I'm in love

Saturday, July 3, 2010

romp romp rompin'

romper: vintage, shirt, belt & shoes: f21

this is why we can't have nice photos.

I forgot I had this romper, it's kinda silly and rainbow-y, but who cares, it's got pockets!

Friday, July 2, 2010

it's been a while

 dress: h&m, tank: wet seal

I've been watching a lot of saved by the bell lately, can you tell? I really like this dress, it's so happy! it's got tulle underneath so the skirt is super poofy too.

My hairs grown a bit from last year, well a lot actually, it can be kinda mullet-y sometimes, but I don't hate it (probably because of saved by the bell)? I also really enjoy matching my lipstick to my outfits, almost exactly.

today's a lazy day, thank god! I haven't had time for myself at all lately these days, I've been out and about every single day this week. I'm totally feelin' this summer, hellz yes

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the lady buck

hi, i'm wearing the most awesome dress
screenprinted by the most awesome person
with the most awesome blog
so check out her awesome store!

I'm such a serious model, this is what she had to work with:

please check out her store, she's a talented lady and one of my bffs ♥

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl power

My head will always be in a fantasy world because of all the awesome things I've watched as a kid, they've still stuck in my head all these years because frankly, I'm obsessed. Everything I buy usually reminds me of one of my favorite characters from something, or has some ridiculous cartoon-y aspect to it which I love (If I was ever on What Not to Wear, they'd probably think I was nuts). Everyone knows that I love Batman and the Justice League, but my favorite gadgetry has to be on Sailor Moon and Totally Spies.

Totally Spies is extremely girly, and I love it. They have some of the coolest gadgets ever and I want all of them! Sadly, it's not that hugely popular of a show so there aren't many toys for it :(

scanner watches and com-powders, jetpack-backpacks, laser lipsticks, and really cute uniforms. Everything is pink and purple and has hearts and flowers, haha

Nothing tops Sailor Moon though, it is the girliest most badass-ly romantic fighting show. I love everything about it, the whole group of heroines and villains are all so different and cool. And since Sailor Moon is extremely popular everywhere, they have SO MUCH AWESOME MERCHANDISE. They're rare and not cheap because they've been out of production for like 10 years. I bought a light up locket on ebay and I'm so excited, I've wanted one ever since I was 6.

sailor moon herself had the best transformation lockets ever, and I love how everyone's transformation item would change from season to season

fun fact: ever since I was little and watched this show, I've shaped my nails super nicely just like theirs, every time.

I love being a girl ♥