Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl power

My head will always be in a fantasy world because of all the awesome things I've watched as a kid, they've still stuck in my head all these years because frankly, I'm obsessed. Everything I buy usually reminds me of one of my favorite characters from something, or has some ridiculous cartoon-y aspect to it which I love (If I was ever on What Not to Wear, they'd probably think I was nuts). Everyone knows that I love Batman and the Justice League, but my favorite gadgetry has to be on Sailor Moon and Totally Spies.

Totally Spies is extremely girly, and I love it. They have some of the coolest gadgets ever and I want all of them! Sadly, it's not that hugely popular of a show so there aren't many toys for it :(

scanner watches and com-powders, jetpack-backpacks, laser lipsticks, and really cute uniforms. Everything is pink and purple and has hearts and flowers, haha

Nothing tops Sailor Moon though, it is the girliest most badass-ly romantic fighting show. I love everything about it, the whole group of heroines and villains are all so different and cool. And since Sailor Moon is extremely popular everywhere, they have SO MUCH AWESOME MERCHANDISE. They're rare and not cheap because they've been out of production for like 10 years. I bought a light up locket on ebay and I'm so excited, I've wanted one ever since I was 6.

sailor moon herself had the best transformation lockets ever, and I love how everyone's transformation item would change from season to season

fun fact: ever since I was little and watched this show, I've shaped my nails super nicely just like theirs, every time.

I love being a girl ♥


  1. LOL sailor moon! brings back all kinds of childhood memories!

  2. that's one of the reasons why I love it so much <3!