Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Donut Purse


here are the ingredients you’ll need:
colored felt (depending on what flavor your donut is)
fabric for the strap
a zipper
polyfill (or you could use fabric scraps)
a sewing machine/needle & thread

1. draw out your donut shape on the felt for the main part of your donut. I used 4 pieces, the inner two pieces are going to be the inside of our bag. draw a circle on one piece of felt.

2. cut out your 4 circles and lay two pieces on top of the other two. make sure the “wrong” sides are facing outside.

3. sew all around your 2 stacked circles, leaving an open slit for us to put the filling.

4. cut out the circle on the side of the fabric you drew it on. make sure you only cut it out of one side only.

5. flip it inside out! this will be the front part of our purse.

6. sew all around the other 2 stacked pieces of felt, also leaving a slit for our filling. flip inside out!

7. now take the donut you sew together with the hole cut out on top. you’re going to sew around that hole to secure it to the felt underneath. you could also glue it if you like.

8. now for the fun part!! stuff your donuts! don’t stuff them too much otherwise it will be tough to sew them together, but add just enough so they have dimension.

9. when you’ve added the filling, tuck in the slit a bit and sew it together. now your donut is sealed!

10. now this part is a little tricky. you’re going to sew your donut pieces together to create our actual purse. you want the RIGHT sides on top of each other (they are going to be the exposed parts of the purse), the wrong sides facing out. sew it half-way around, leaving the top half open. flip inside out.

11. attach your zipper all around the opening, and add your strap in between the zipper and the fabric. it might be easier to handsew this part.

12. woo! now we have the hard parts down! now for the best part, icing!! lay your icing fabric on top of the front of your purse. trace around the hole you sewed. 

13. draw out the shape of your icing and cut it out! cut out the hole as well.

14. place it on your donut until it’s the way you like, then glue it down!

15. now take your multicolored felt and cut long skinny rectangles. then cut every few inches. these bits are going to be your sprinkles!!

16. scatter around your donut and glue in place.

and you’re done! homer simpson would be so proud

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