Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Born Pretty | Review + Coupon!

Hello little darlings ♥
I hope you're managing to keep warm during this icy winter here in the states. I've basically been snowed in for these past few weeks, but I'm so glad to share some FUN jewelry to share with you! Emphasis on fun!

The lovely people over at Born Pretty were kind enough to send me some of their jewelry to review for you guys! If you haven't heard of them, Born Pretty is an online Jewelry/Accessories shop with really trendy, great quality items at a really affordable price. Best of all it ships worldwide (fo free!), which I think is awesome because I know there are so many people who want to buy cute accessories that you can easily find here in the US, but it's either not available to them overseas or shops won't ship out to them! 

I have to say their customer service is A+, not only are they very efficient (my package arrived after 2 weeks, which amazing considering they ship out of Singapore), but they are very personable and care a lot about your experience with them. I don't know about you, but I always prefer there be some kind of personal element to my shopping experience and know that there are actual people running things instead of a faceless entity. I highly recommend you buy from them! 

The pieces I received are the Rhinestone BITCH Knuckle Ring in silver and the FUCK Letters Restoring Ancient Ways Ring in silver! Can I just say that I am OBSESSED?

Can you see how iridescent these rhinestones are? They're so gorgeous and so reflective! I'm always a bit weary when buying rhinestone jewelry because I'm afraid of the stones falling off, but these don't wiggle when I touch them and seem to be secured very well! My fingers are pretty slender, but if you have fingers that are a bit larger than mine they should fit you just fine on your middle, ring, and pinky fingers! I feel like such a badass when I wear this ring, I feel like Rihanna or Nicki Minaj would be proud. 

Use of the 'B' word is a touchy topic, but I feel that women as a community have reclaimed the word to have a more positive meaning as opposed to the repressive and demoralizing connotation when used by men. I love Nicki's use of the word "bad bitch" in her music, meaning she is strong, confident and assertive and most of all, doesn't take shit from anyone! That's what I identify with.

This ring fits PERFECTLY on my pointer, middle and ring finger. It's a rectangular shape as opposed to most knuckle rings that have two to three rounded rings. I feel this design will fit a wider range of finger sizes.

 Though I love both rings, this ring has to be my favorite of the two! I throw around obscenities a fair amount in my daily life, especially when people cross me (my middle finger is always getting a workout, what can I say, I'm a true New Yorker), so naturally I love this enough to wear this every day. I love that it has an antiqued/slightly distressed finish because obviously things look way cooler when they've been worn out a bit, ex: jeans, leather jackets, converse, dr. martens etc. I also love that it fits PERFECTLY on my middle finger bb!! I'm a US size 6 in rings, so if you're larger than an US 8 I think this ring will be a bit too snug.

Look, they also imprinted their brand name on the backs of the rings, love it! All in all, I'm very impressed with these items. The quality is great, they're comfortable and totally my style, the prices are insanely reasonable, and the shipping is free! 

Again you can find Born Pretty's rings here:
Rhinestone BITCH Knuckle Ring
FUCK Letters Restoring Ancient Ways Ring

and for 10% off your purchase you can use my code DPT10

take care ♥

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