Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Bunny

Hello lovelies ♡
Happy winter! Sorry for the lack of posts here (as usual), I have been fighting off bronchitis this past month and around Christmas-time I lost my job due to a shutdown, so I haven't really been up for much lately. That being said, I feel so much better and in much better spirits these days, especially with the sun shining down on me today. Things are already getting better.

One of the few things style-wise that always makes me feel good is wearing white. That may be considered weird because I feel like wearing white is considered a "fashion faux pas" because it's considered a summer color (it's not a color though hi), but I don't care! 

I feel like fresh white clothes just make you feel fresh and brighten up your skin tone (especially if you are tan or dark skinned, white looks amazing!) I also love hi-low dresses at the moment, because they're cute and give me coverage for my beee-hind. If you have a big butt you always kind of worry about your dress riding up and showing your buns to the world, or maybe that's just me?

Also up until now I've always been a pea coat gal during the winter time, because I feel like I look like a bean when I wear a coat that isn't tailored to my body, but it's been so painfully cold recently that I needed something better.  Like full on parka better. This coat is sooo warm, it has a fleece lining inside and a huge furry hood, the fur part is removable too! It also has drawstrings at the waist if you want a more snug fit.

dress ~ h&m
cardigan and headband ~ forever 21
tights ~ charlotte russe
boots ~ urbanog
coat ~ oasap

see ya next time! 

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