Friday, April 25, 2014

All Eyes On Me

Hey bae's! I've been bad. And by bad I mean I haven't outfit photo'd for you guys in a while! WAMP.

Well here I am! That should count for something right? H'okay! Anyway, update time! Yeah my hair is blue now, and I kind of never want to go back to my natural color! I feel more confident and more like myself with the blue, which must sound really strange to you guys, but it's true!

I'm going to India next month which I'm pretty excited for! I will be traveling pretty much for the most of May, but I will try to update as much as I can I promise!

So obvi you guys should know I'm obsessed with Oasap by now, especially since I am actually able to squeeze my squishy self into their really funky clothes (which hardly happens with overseas brands let me tell ya). SO yeah, really satisfied with them, pretty much nothing bad to say about their clothes honestly! Good quality, reasonably priced. Also they have sales and tons of coupons all the time so you can get really good deals! 

I received the Eye Short Sleeve Chiffon Blouse (which is unfortunately sold out at the moment but if you plug in your email they'll notify you when it's in stock again!) and the Pleated High Waist Pleuche Velvet Skirt in royal blue (which is on sale for only 10 bucks right now GO GO GO)

So far I'm really pleased with these items. The blouse is sheer but not too sheer that you really have to wear a cami underneath and has some stretch to it as well. The skirt is short enough without being too revealing (for me anyway) too. The blouse also has a zipper in the back which I LOVE because all you busty gals KNOW your buttons be poppin' open when you're wearing blouses, so thank glob for zippers.

The skirt is also comfortable on my 30' waist, not too tight! Also my shoes are from Forever 21 and lipstick is MAC's Ruby Woo, of course!

That's all bbs! See ya next time xoxo

♡ Darshana


  1. Your hair is amazing! Looks wonderful on you! :)

    In love with this outfit! ^_^

  2. i love this look so much! HOT!!!

  3. wow I love your haircut! the colour is amazing. like a rad alien queen. Love your velvet skirt too <3


  4. I love your style. You are so inspiring!