Monday, August 11, 2014


Hey guys, hope you're all having an amazing summer!

I just got back from a mini vacation on the north shore, and I definitely feel like I'm coming back a fresher, more relaxed me. Now before I left, I was asked to be the Brand Ambassador for UMGEE U.S.A. 's Plus Size line! You have no idea how excited I am to be working with this company. I'm all for supporting companies with lovely products and especially ones that are so personable and that care so much about catering to all different sizes. 

 I couldn't wait to try on these clothes which is why I'm romping around on this beautiful private beach rocking some proper beach goth attire, sans shoes because I'm a rebel! Photos courtesy of my darling boyfriend who chose hanging out on the beach with me early in the morning over sleep ♥


A little bit about Umgee U.S.A., they are a wholesale clothing brand based out of L.A. with very modern & stylish designs for women of all ages (and all sizes!) You can check out their clothes on their site, but they are sold in various shops such as Country Outfitter & Velvet Moon.
For more info you can follow them here: facebook | instagram | twitter

Honestly, I was so surprised with how NICE the clothes feel! I chose the Rita Interlock Tank which is a gorgeous sheer black top with bright red stitching in the color.  I tucked it into a simple black stretch pencil skirt from Forever 21 to emphasize my silhouette and to give the top stitching a nice pop of color against all the black (Black on black on black everything please). This would also look super cute over some leggings for a simple and more relaxed look. My lipstick today is MAC Ruby Woo!

I paired it with the For-the-Love-of-Boho cardigan, which could even pass for a kimono (which are super trendy right now!) I love the long bell sleeves, they are giving me some AHS: Coven vibes, despite the boho style. Also, this cardi is SO soft!! I remember when I received it I couldn't stop rubbing my face on it, apparently I'm a cat sometimes. No scratchy cheap lace here!

Since I love my spooky chic/beach goth/coven realness, it's only fitting to pose alongside this Carcosa-esque tree branch art (True Detective, anyone?)

That's all for now, I'll catch you guys soon!

♥ Darshana

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