Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zou Bisou Bisou

hello little darlings, I hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather so far!

I'm afraid I've been so busy with new jobs and life happening that I haven't really been dressing up lately let alone photographing my looks, but I have so many new things I want to share with you!
I received these amazing dresses from UMGEE U.S.A., They're two very lovely shift dresses, & I'd always been afraid of shift dresses on me up until now.

The colors duke, the colors!
So my fears of looking like a sad fat girl wearing a sack went right out the door when I saw how flattering these dresses really are. The material is not thin at all feels so luxurious so it just flows on the body so so so nicely. Also I feel like a princess in them with the sleeves being so regal. 
Megan Draper eat your heart out.

This barbie pink shift dress (WA9631 in Hot Pink) is evvvverrrryyythingggg. The color alone is perfection, but I love the strappy detailing on the back. It could be a very basic dress, but then it has the slits down the sleeves and the studs on the back. I'm all about the details!

I paired it with gold chain belt gifted to me from my mother, H&M heels and a Lux Deville purse.

This next shift dress (W8840 in Mint) is my favorite of the two because the color is one that I'm totally obsessed with. (remember when my hair was this color?) The bell sleeves with the eyelet detailing are so beautiful I could cry. I was feeling major Princess Jasmine vibes from this dress, hence the...all gold everything. 

I paired it with a vintage gold belt, H&M necklace, and gifted beaded hoop earrings.

UMGEE is a wholesale clothing brand based out of L.A. with very modern & stylish designs for women in both straight and plus sizes! You can check out their clothes on their site, but they are sold in various shops such as Country Outfitter & Velvet Moon.
For more info you can follow them here: facebook | instagram | twitter

Take care 
♥ Darshana ♥

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  1. You *are* a princess, Darshana. You look fantastic. xxx